Function-behavior analysis

It is an approach through which a technology/technical system can be studied. The functional analysis deals with the identification of the purpose of the technical system (what the system is for). The behavioral analysis deals with the identification of the way a technical system carries out its function (how the system works).

Context: FORMAT methodology


Function definition

In order to formulate function of a system it is suggested to use the following 3 steps procedure:

  1. Describe a function using common words and expressions:
    Example: pen – to write, drawing
  2. Reformulate the function defined at (1) in accordance with the pattern:
    <verb> + <object> (+ <attributes>)
    Example: <draw> <letters>
  3. Reformulate the function(s) defined at (2) by expressing the action described by the <verb> with the pattern:
    [change] + <features (values) of the object>
    Example: [change] + <information content of the writing support>
    GO back to (2) and review formulated function for consistency with results of step 3

Final definition of the function of a system is taken from results of Step 2 after revision the consistency with Step 3.

Context: OTSM-TRIZ