Manufacturing Technology

A manufacturing technology is one of the elementary technologies that are employed along an industrial process. In other words, the complex set of Manufacturing Technologies describes the industrial process. Such definition is susceptible of interpretation, according to the level of detail of the investigation: an industrial process can be considered a Manufacturing technology by itself, when used in a wider context (e.g. a broader manufacturing process, a business process).

In general terms, Manufacturing Technologies should be intended as the elementary elements carrying out the functional phases of an Industrial Process.

Context: FORMAT methodology


Maturity (Technological Maturity)

It describes the degree of maturity of a technology, consistently with its stage of development. In this reference the following definition becomes relevant

Obsolete technology: a technology that appeared on the market a long time ago and that has been largely substituted by new ones that are more performing (even if they can cause additional problems).

Mature technology: a technology currently available on the market that is capable to obtain a satisfactory performance level (largely optimized) and for which there still exist a small number of issues to be solved (e.g.: about the consumption of resources or side effects).

Growing Technology: an available technology that emerged on the market in a recent time. Its performance can be further improved and/or it has still a large number of issues to be solved.

New or Emerging Technologya technology developed in a few prototypes or for which experimental studies are running to achieve satisfactory level of performance.

Context: FORMAT methodology