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Main Function of the FORFOR = FORmulate  Gate:

<to check><completeness and consistency of Stage FORFOR = FORmulate >




To move to the next stage, you must complete the following items:

❏          Main objectives of forecast (Project) (Why?)

❏          Definition of knowledge elements for the application of the forecasting results

❏          Main outputs for Decision Makers (DM) (What?)

❏          How the outputs will be applied by DM (link between Why-What?)

❏          INTERIM CHECK: Can we get the required results without forecast?

❏          Go/NoGo -> to forecasting project

❏          Definition of preliminary constraints for the project

❏          System (Process) to be forecasted (STF) from technological, economics, environmental and social (TEES) perspectives (What?)

❏          Time horizon (When?)

❏          Market scope and geographical context (Where?)

❏          List of Questions for Forecast (Questions to be answered at the end of study)

❏          Plan of Project (How?)

❏          Time diagram (Gantt or similar)

❏          Resources for the activity (People, knowledge, IT instruments)



➔          It is highly recommended that you print this list out for your FORFOR = FORmulate  gate session.

➔          It is recommended to meet with the decision maker at this gate to check the conformity of the objectives with the needs of the decision maker.

➔          This gate will serve as reference to later stages.

➔          Tick the task only after the item is 100% complete.

➔          Proceed to the next stage only after completing all items on this list.

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