T_4: Deliver presentation

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The results of the forecasting study should be presented to users and beneficiaries.



The outcome of the technology forecasting project is presented in a live meeting with users and beneficiaries to ensure the proper delivery of the project outcomes.



  1. Prepare meeting room and equipment for the meeting:
  • sound proof room, table, chairs, power sockets, electric extenders
  • video-projector and necessary equipment if remote participants attend the presentation (quality of Internet connection)
  • laser pointer, voice recorder, white board, markers
  • comfortable conditions for attendees
  1. Agree before starting the meeting about time available for participants.
  2. Deliver the presentation, paying attention to the allocated time for the meeting.


➔    Before presentation: similar to other meetings, go ahead of time to the venue to make sure that the equipment are working fine.

➔    Materials for presentation include slides to be shown and slides which may be shown to support answers for questions.

➔    Encourage users and beneficiaries for questions from first minutes of presentation. Go to participative mode, rather than to ‘lecturing’ mode.

➔    During presentation: recordings of the meetings is highly recommended for future analysis.

➔    After presentation: meeting minutes with the actions items and people responsible to be sent to the users and beneficiaries; send only presented materials to attendees.

Suggested reading

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Ramadurai, B. 2014, How to Present Outcomes from a Technology Forecasting Project

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