Best practices for conducting working sessions



➔     Before working sessions

  • Send to the team members materials to learn, useful links and data charts.
  • Upload presentations at least  half a day prior to the sessions to allow team members to assimilate the information from the previous sessions
  • Technology & market specialists should prepare an introductory presentation about technology and market details.


➔     During working session

  • Audio and/or screen recordings of the meetings is highly recommended for future reference.


➔     After first working session(s)

  • Prepare a set of slides from the working sessions and submit it on the server for reviewing.
  • In order to generate a draft version of a report for the project, write notes & comments in the notes section of the slides in the slide deck.
  • Use the audio and/or screen recordings of the working sessions for preparation of these slides.


➔     Some recommended tools

  • Digital voice recorder
  • Meeting room equipped with video-projector and flipchart.