T_1: Answer questions

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The final results of Stage A have to be described with the consensus of all team members.

This step requires active participation from users of forecast in order to ensure clarity of answers.



The first step of Stage TT = Transfer  produces explicit answers to the forecasting questions defined at stage FOR. The main task of this step is to aggregate qualitative and quantitative results of the study into comprehensive and useful (for users and beneficiaries) answers to the three main questions of forecast: What? When? Where?


  1. Use results from Stage A = Act (A_4) for building answers to the forecast questions.
  2. Use results from Stage M and A for building answers for sub-questions.
  3. Check consistency of suggested answers with objectives and conditions set by beneficiaries and users within Stage FOR.


➔    Answers to the questions of forecast should be short, visionary, measurable and unambiguous. On the other hand, the answers have to be clear to people who had not participated in the forecasting project. The practice of using diagrams, graphics and references is recommended.

➔    Answers to sub-questions should support and reinforce the answer to the main forecasting question.

➔    Often, the answer to a forecasting question may not be plausible, but it should be consistent with the logic and results of the study.

➔    Plausible answers for forecasting question might indicate

  • that there were not many new things learnt during the forecast study;
  • hidden biases influenced the results of the study;
  • obtained results were adjusted to common ideas.

Suggested reading

Public reports of FORMAT project case studies. http://www.format-project.eu/deliverables/public-reports-and-white-papers



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