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Main Function of the Gate MM=Modelling:

<to check><completeness and consistency of Stage MM=Modelling>



In order to complete the Stage MM = Modelling and move to the next stage, you must complete the following items:

❏          Model of STFSTF = System to be forecasted  at the functional level (logic similar to IDEF0)

❏          Description of Competitive (Alternative) technologies (solutions)

❏          Measure of Performance & Expenses for STFSTF = System to be forecasted  and for Competitive Solutions

❏          Description for STFSTF = System to be forecasted

  • Contexts=super-systems (consider TEES i.e. Technology, Environment, Economy, Social) and sub-systems
  • past history & expected future
  • present trends


➔          It is highly recommended that you print this list out for your Gate MM = Modelling session.

➔          This gate will serve as reference to later stages.

➔          Tick the task only after the item is 100% complete.

➔          Proceed to the next stage only after completing all items on this list.


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